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By. Yuan, Aida, Anisa Anggraeni, Sari, Susan, Hadi, M. Ridwan  Dengue Fever is closely related to environmental clean lines and community Behavior. I mproving environmental health through basic sanitation is one of the goals of  the millennium health development goals (MDGS). The denser the population, the more rubbish. Accumulates because there is less space or space to accommodate rubbish. As population activities increase more and more waste is produced, for example in development activities, trade industry and so on. The waste collection or disposal system used due to the habit of l ittering, bacterial infection can also lurk you. Diseases caused by bacterial infection that need to be watched out for if environmental cleanliness is not maintained in clade diarrhea, leptospirosis, typhoid fever, bubonic plague and shigellosis. The following are some of The negative impacts of waste accumulation.  Polluting the environment besides polluting rivers, obstructing water processes can als


  By. Nurul, Alphan, Aulia, Anisa Yulianti, Anwar, Siti Mariam Trees are living organisms that belong to the group of plants that have hard stems, branches, branches a nd branches. The leaves that grow above the ground surface of trees have an important role in life and the environment. There are various types of trees at SMAN I Cikalongwetan namely kalma tree, cypress tree, bamboo Tree, etc. the following are the benefits of Trees for humans. Plants provide a source of Food and medicine for humans, Fruit, Vegetables, grains and spices come from plants. Many Plants also have medicinal properties that can be used in traditional or modern medicine to improve human health The benefit gained from the presence of plants and trees in A School is that it can make the environment look healthier and also prevent flooding because the plants are free to absorb air. Teak wood. This type of wood is much sought after in the world of Furniture and is expensive. This is because teak wood is sturdy a


  By Nazwa, Tita, Qori, Luthfiyyah, Gustian, Refan Environmental health is a science in achieving balance between the environment and humans. Environmental management is a scheme for cleanliness, health, comfortable and safe conditions. Can be discussed about achieved and protected from various kinds of diseases. Environmental health is also a branch of public health science that covers all aspects of nature and the environment that affect human health. Environmental health focuses on naturalness and the creation of an environment that provides benefits to humans. A healthy environment will help us avoid diseases caused by an unhealthy environment, so we must keep the environment clean from scattered rubbish and dispose of rubbish in its proper place. A healthy environment is the foundation for the survival of humans and all creatures in this world. A healthy and natural environment can also have a positive impact on human mental health, because it provides a place to refresh the mind


by Risya, Yopita, Aira, Ripvia, Sulis, Ai Hasanah recycling the waste we can reduce the waste so that there is no accumulation of waste too much. But there are still people who don't use waste that well. Where waste which straggle can be utilized to be a new product. The following are the benefits.  Trash can make business fields for everyone who is able to use it with good examples such as the Indonesians who succeeded in building a business by establishing a self-contained business that is focused on plain waste that is difficult to decompose.  It also recycles until it can be minimized from trash, such as if it were caused by dengue fever from accumulating garbage, thereby creating the presence of excretory mosquitoes as a factor in dengue fever. This is because string pty mosquitoes breed in garbage.  By using our resources to reduce clutter waste. By handling garbage according to what it is. And it was made into a useful product, such as garbage cans from used bottles, bags fr


by Alfa, Devela, Syifa, Siti Salha, Qeisyha, Anjani, Neng Dini Sport is physical activity, both competitive and casual. In general what is called physical activity is very important in everyday life,whether it is directed movement (sport) or other movement basically divided into two types namely presentation sport  and recreational sport. Exercise also has many positive impacts on our bodies. Regular exercise can prevent people from diseases such as obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease, lung disease, hypertension and others. Because exercise has a number of health benefits, including improving heart health, controlling weight, stimulating the immune system, improving mental health, strengthening bones and muscles, increasing metabolism, and managing blood sugar. Apart from that, exercise can also help you lose weight by burning calories, increasing metabolism, building muscle mass, influencing appetite hormones and reducing reducing body fat, and improving metabolic health. A combinat