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  By Ahmad Nurjani, Saepul, Alex, Fahrizal, Viki Healthy food is a balanced nutrient content, containing fibers and substances the body needs for growth. Consuming healthy food gives the body energy for activities as well as nutrients to carry out its functions. Furthermore, The consumption of healthy food plays a key role in boosting overall well-being and in preventing diseases, these are some of the benefits of eating healthy food Healthy food plays an important role in keeping a healthy body strong. Healthful meals that are consumed on a regular basis can provide the nutrients that the body needs to maintain a physiological balance. Foods rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants help to maintain a healthy digestive system, increase nutrition absorption, and reduce the risk of a number of diseases. Healthy food is an important source of nutrition to the body. Wholesome foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and such high-quality proteins as fish, lean meat, or nuts, co


  By Anisa, Sri Puza, Dicta, Dini, Indah, Demi Food is a source of energy for living things. To survive humans must eat and drink so they can go to work, study, and play. However the food we eat can also be dangerous depending on what is in it. Now a lot of people are interested in unhealthy foods because there are a lot of new kinds of food. Keep what we eat! Why? Because, in our teenage years the food we eat is so important to our growth. But, at our school there are a lot of sellers that sell unhealthy food because there are a lot of students who got interested. The following are the effects of food and drink on health. First, according to our source, the effect that we can feel from eat healthy food is not get sick easily, smooth digestion system and much more. The bad effect of unhealthy food is stunting because, the food we eat is did not have enough nutrition to fill our daily nutrient. Furthermore, one of our sources is getting sore after drinking a sachet drink, even our other


  By Raisa, Imel, Wildan, Firdy, Tryna Libraries in the school environment have an important role in shaping the history of reading and knowledge among students. In this explanatory analysis, we will show the advantages and importance of having a good library in the school environment from the aspect of land life in the school environment. School libraries can be an interesting and comfortable place for students to explore the world of literacy. With a diverse collection of books and easy access, libraries can increase students' interest in reading and help them develop positive reading habits. Libraries provide important resources to support learning in schools. Books, journals, and other reference materials help students deepen their understanding of various subjects and expand their knowledge outside the classroom. A comfortable and friendly library at school creates a positive learning environment. Students can come to the library to read, study together, or work in groups, cre


  By Iqbal, Nilam, Silva, Rasti, Natasa Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD) is caused by the dengue virus transmitted by the aedes aegypti mosquito and aedes albopictus. Right now DBD is attacking people a lot, if someone is infected for the second time someone infected with this virus has a much greater risk of developing a serious disease. This is why DBD mosquitoes. Here are some of the reasons why DBD mosquitoes are plentiful! There is rain that causes standing water, which otherwise would become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also in discarded garbage or containers that have no other animals like fish, there will be places where mosquitoes lay their eggs, and thus causing many pass thongs. Left untreated trash can also lead to standing puddles of water, such as if left untreated, and such containers if left untreated or discarded will provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially DBD mosquitoes. Litter that is scattered or as yet unconditioned as food garbage, plastic garbage


  By Yusya, Sheva, Syifa, Natasya, Riska Unwholesome food is a variety of nutrient foods or ingredients that are not balanced. This type of food should not be consumed excessively. Generally, unhealthy food contains little substance and few fibers needed for body development. The content of this type of food can also be harmful.  Without realizing it, unhealthy foods often enter your body, such as those that contain too many calories, sugar, fats, and salt. If eating unwholesome food becomes a habit, it is not likely that this could give rise to disease.  SMAN 1 Cikalongwetan has a lot of unhealthy foods and it's often enjoyed by students and students. It may not be presently impacted but one day it will be felt and it may become a dangerous disease. Therefore we're here to discuss the effects of unhealthy foods.  First, the effects of unhealthy food are the onset of disease. Unhealthy food poisoning is caused by contamination of bacteria, viruses, parasites, or toxic substance


  By Riska, Seli, Yayuni, Fauzi, Alin Environmental disintegration by litter can seriously affect ecosystems and human health. Mismanaged garbage can pollute air, water and soil. Threatening the sustainability of natural resources. Additionally, untreated plastic waste can create long-term Problems, damaging Marine life and land creatures. Effective conservation and Waste Management are needed to preserve the sustainability of the environment. Through school garbage management, students can be taught the importance of Preserving the environment and how to manage garbage properly. It created an environmental awareness Carly on. By adopting efficient recycling systems and waste management, schools can help reduce the negative effects on the environment. Indiscriminate waste can pollute water, soil, and air. Good waste management Practices also help In the conservation of natural resources. By recycling renewable materials. We can reduce the limited use of natural resources. By having an